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[IP] I was beeten so badly I peed red

I was a bit alarmed when two days ago I noticed my pee had a hint of fuchsia
in it (for the males out there, that's bright reddish pink).
   That continued for a day. I was concerned. Gross hematuria (blood in the
urine) is a sign of nephropathy. However, I checked out another possibility
before alarming my doctor, and guess what: Beets will indeed turn your pee a
nice pink color :^)
   I had eaten some for dinner.
   Other colors can be attained by eating blueberries. And I'm trying to
figure out what to eat so I can pee green on St. Paddy's day. (the sources I
consulted said certain food dyes will cause this).

Just thought you'd like to know about something that you don't have to worry
about :^)

Anika (the pink lady)

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