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[IP] hiding the pump

For all the reasons many of you mentioned, Dan doesn't hide his pump.  He
clips it to his wastband, and he doesn't use the case:  that bright blue
lifeline is right where it's easy to access.  He's not shy, and he might
just be a bit of a show-off.  He's 17 and theatrical, loves to be noticed.
He usually wears big shirts (not tucked in).

He was part of an honors choir that performed at two district schools
yesterday, and they had to dress up.  He wore a white dress shirt, tucked
in.  A principal pulled him aside and asked him about his "pager" because
they weren't allowed.  Dan explained that it was an insulin pump, and the
guy told him he should hide it.  Dan figured he was a "moron," and put it on
the opposite side of where that principal sat! 

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