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Re: [IP] significant others


    As a newlywed, my husband had alot of trouble dealing with my mood
swings, depression and my various lows and highs(emotional and blood
sugar-wise). I eventually explained that the best thing he could do was just
accept the moods and not try to fix them. He was feeling powerless becuase I
was so unhappy, so he offered to literally take part in my diabetes regimen
by meeting my endo and CDE. He taught himself to give my shots (my last week
on MDI, yippee!) and now feels more empowered against my diabetes. he also
took his own bg level and even poked himself with a fresh insulin syringe to
understand why the shots are sometimes a real problem for me and motivation
waxes and wans. He has even watched my pump videos and reads this list with
me to understand my illness and it's effects better so he and I can deal
with them together. I recommend involving him and educating him by taking
him to a support group meeting or to a CDE meeting so he can ask questions
and get another person's insight. Education about diabetes is the best way
to understand. If my brain is starving, I may be a brat and hysterical at
times, but he's learned that I cannot control it all the time, and I'm
trying, and that's it's best to just love me, bring me cookies, lotsa hugs
and cheer me on without being condescending. He's also learned to tell me my
moods when I'm not aware of them. When stress sends my sugars thru the roof,
he suggests I 'm stressed and may benefit from taking my Ativan. Sometimes I
feel like a child, but I am aware that sometimes, I'm not the most rational
person b/c of diabetes and I appreciate his making sure I'm functioning at
my absolute best, even when I don't want to be. Best of all, he leaves me
alone and gives me time when I need to deal with my diabetes one-on-one.

Hope this helps,

                   /\___/\    ((
                  \`@_@'/  ))
Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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