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[IP] Sils coming undone


<< In my last  batch, ordered mid December, the 
part that goes into the infusion set inserted into my body, the part 
attached to the tubing,  has come out 3 different times....for no apparent 
reason, just came out and I didn't know until checked my bgs, or had 
occasion to check set, such as visit to bathroom.  I know that I have to 
push the end in until I hear the click, locking it in place. >>

Yes, I had a problem with this last summer. It was only a few times, so I
didn't fuss about it too much, but it can be annoying. I remember one time,
I bolused and the insulin dribbled down my leg. Like you, I didn't discover
the problem until I went to the bathroom. 

I remember the troublesome sets were very hard to get to "click" into
place, as if there were a slight mis-match between the two halves. They
would slide in, so I know I had them right side up, but getting them to
actually click was difficult.

Can you trace it to one particular box? If so, I would ask for a
replacement box.

Mary Jean

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