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Re: [IP] My first pump mini crisis


<< Second, what else can I do to prevent the redness and itching at the
site using the softset micros? >>

One thing you can try is a barrier film called Skin Prep.  It is in a swab,
like an alcohol wipe, and creates a buffer between your skin and the tape.
It also helps the tape adhere better. It is made by Smith & Nephew.

If you can't get the tape issues worked out (the suggestion to cut a small
hole was good, although that may still allow whatever is irritating your
skin to get through) then ask MM for some samples of the Silhouette sets.
They are the same as the Disetronic Tenders, or Comforts by Pureline. They
are very comfortable to wear, and they use much less tape. In fact, the
entire "tape area" is about the size of a half-dollar coin. I used to have
problems with the sofsets itching, but I haven't ever had any itching with
the sils -- I've been using them just over two years now. I like them
because when you disconnect, there is not a "tail" of tubing hanging down
-- the junction is right at the skin. 

I assume that since you are using the micros, you are thin. Me too. The
silhouettes go in at an angle, and you can put them in so they are pretty
shallow. The only downside is that there is not an automatic inserter. But
I got over that.

If you try these and like them, MM will exchange your unopened boxes of
micros for silhouettes.

Mary Jean
MM 507 for 3 years, as of this Friday -- my how time flies!

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