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[IP] weird numbers week

Well, since everyone is sharing their strange D experiences this week,
I'll share ours:
For about a week, hubby Shane has been going to bed (10pm) with
"perfect" numbers, but waking up in the mid 200s. So last night we
thought we would do a 3am check to see whether he is just going high or
whether he is crashing and rebounding. When we get up at 3, he is still
perfect. When he gets up for work at 6, he is still perfect!!! grrrrrr.
There has been little variation in what he has for dinner -- in fact he
usually eats very little for supper, always by 8pm, and usually pretty
low in fats and protein. Also, little variation in exercise. He does not
appear to be sick. His other numbers all seem pretty good. The only
explanation at this point seems to be that actually getting up during
the night to test "fixes" the problem! Guess we are going to have to
experiment a few more times with getting up/not getting up to see what
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