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Re: [IP] Disetronic temp basals

>Just curious, on the D, do you HAVE to use the whole  4 or 12 hours of
>temp basal, or do you have flexibility within that time frame? 

You do *not* have to use the whole 4 or 12 hours of temp basal. You can
cancel the change at any time. So if you only want 2 hours of
increase/decrease, cancel it after 2 hours. Also, when doing a temp
basal it beeps on the hour (each hour) to remind you that you are
running a temp basal. The only part thats annoying (for Shane) is that
if he wants to run a temp increase that ends in less than 12 hours, and
happens to be while he's sleeping, he has to wake up to turn off the
increase. However, he usually does a BG while he's up which is a good
idea anyway after running the increase...

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