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[IP] Humalog and a questions

The Humalog I purchase from the pharmacy always has an expiration date of 
many months out, like my current batch, received first of January, says Exp 
April 2001.   I keep it in fridge, take bottle out when begin using it and 
it stays at room temp for several weeks until gone.  I have kept a half a 
bottle (my emergency stash) in my purse for 6-8 months and not had a 
problem with it working.   Only one time in 4 years have I had a problem 
that was "bad" insulin, and that was a 6 month old bottle which I  had left 
it in my purse in the car several times during 95 degree weather.  Where is 
it written that it only last 28 days?  I never heard that.

I have found most of my unexplained highs come from site absorption 
problems because when I inject or change sites the problem ends.  And I 
have a lot if site problems.

New subject:  now, before I call Mini Med, has anyone else had a problem 
with silhouettes coming out?  In my last  batch, ordered mid December, the 
part that goes into the infusion set inserted into my body, the part 
attached to the tubing,  has come out 3 different times....for no apparent 
reason, just came out and I didn't know until checked my bgs, or had 
occasion to check set, such as visit to bathroom.  I know that I have to 
push the end in until I hear the click, locking it in place.  I have never, 
in four years, had one come out while sleeping, even though it may be 
wrapped around my body, or hanging off the edge of the bed, poor thing. 
 One has never come unhooked until this last batch.  Yesterday, when I got 
home from work my bg was 187 and I found my infusion set insert loose and 
apparently no insulin was going into me.   Anyone else have this 

ALSO, I want to tell you all that after my complaints on this list before 
Christmas, I had a very nice couple of calls from an executive at Mini Med, 
asking about the problems I had with my order.  The problem was a 
communication thing between California and Florida offices...and he gave me 
a number to call and a special person to handle my order in the future.  He 
was very nice and made me feel much better about the service.

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