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Re: [IP] Disetronic temp basals

Betsy Smith wrote:
> My personal feeling is that even 2 hours of strenuous exercise effects my
> son's bg's for a lot more than 4 hours.  I see the logic, but think there
> should be more options to allow for the YMMV thing!

Just curious, on the D, do you HAVE to use the whole  4 or 12 hours of
temp basal, or do you have flexibility within that time frame? 

If you have some flexibility, you could set the temp for the 4 or 12
hours and then just do it again for whatever additional amount of time
you need, not necessarily the full amount.

On the MM, you can set the temp basal for increase or decrease, and set
the time for as long or short as you like. 

I often use the temp basal instead of the square wave for high
fat/protein meals; it has the added advantage of allowing you to bolus
during the temp basal period if that chocolate chip cookie's siren call
gets to be too much!

But I would hate to be roped into 12 hours when all I need is 4!

In utopia, we'd have ALL the features we wanted on whatever pump/meter
we got!!!

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