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Re: [IP] hiding pump

Jim S. wrote:
> With all the comments about how wonderful the pump is, I find it interesting 
> to see how many messages there are about "hiding the pump".
> Any comments?
> I expect very little, if anything from this post.  Stirring the emotional
> pot....

Oh, dear, I wouldn't want to see your expectations not met..... heh,
heh, heh!

Me, I don't hide the pump. Absolutely don't care whether it is seen or

I go for COMFORT -- which most of the time, means T shirts and some sort
of lower-body covering, most of the time pants, sometimes skirts. 

I rarely tuck in the T shirts, and the pump is usually clipped to my
waist band, so it's not usually visible. 

On the RARE occasion I wear a dress, I got a Leg Thing, and that works

So the net result is that most people don't see the pump, but it's not a
conscious hide-it decision.

Now my TUMMY, on the other hand.....


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