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[IP] Fw: Diabetes News The AtLast and FreeStyle Meters

Thought you all might be interested in this news.

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Subject: Diabetes News The AtLast and FreeStyle Meters

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> Hello everybody,
> You all test your blood sugars several times per day, so I though this
> might interest you:
> The AtLast Blood Glucose System,from Amira Medical, is an "alternate site"
> blood glucose meter that can be used on the forearm, thigh and upper arm.
> Amira recently began selling the AtLast, which requires only 2 microliters
> of blood, at a cost of $62.95. Charges for strips and lancets will be
> similar to the costs of current strips and lancets.
> Also, TheraSense recently received FDA approval of its FreeStyle glucose
> meter. The FreeStyle (which will be on the market later this year),
> requires only .3 microliters of blood (the size of a pin head) and can
> be used to test blood on the forearm and fingertip. Price hasn't been set
> for the FreeStyle, but TheraSense sources say it will be "competitevely
> priced."
> In human studies, 90 percent of people using the AtLast and FreeStyle said
> they felt "no pain" when using these respective meters.
> I'm doing a story on these two meters, and I was interested in hearing
> input:
> Questions:
> (1) Are you happy with your current method of testing your blood sugar?
> or why are you not happy with this method?
> (2) What is your current meter, and how much blood does it require?
> (3) How would you describe the pain of using your current testing method?
> (4) Is a "pain-free," alternate-site glucose meter the answer to your
> problems, or are your more enthusiastic about the prospect of non-invasive
> or continous glucose monitors? Why?
> (5) Will you or will you not look into trying the AtLast or FreeStyle? Why
> or why would you not looking into trying one of them?
> PLEASE ADDRESS ALL ANSWERS TO :       email @ redacted
> Thank you for everything!
> Daniel Trecroci
> Managing Editor
> Diabetes Interview

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