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Re: [IP] disappointing visit

Stay with it......the same thing happened with our pediatrician so we
finally switched doctors after 6 years and my duaghter has been on the pump
4 months. She still has some highs but not nearly to the extent she had them
before. Her life has become much more "normal" and she would never go back.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 10:21 PM
Subject: [IP] disappointing visit

> Hi all,
> I've been lurking around since shortly after my son Jonathon found this
> group.  This place has been a GREAT source of information, support, and
> blessed humor.  You're all an inspiration to us.  I spend the most time
> but Jonathon listens eagerly when I have something new or funny to share.
> Jonathon has been doing a lot of research and has been educating himself
> about the pump.  He really wants one.  His favorite so far is the
> disetronic.  So, even though the past three months have been challenging
> were pretty excited about our visit to the endo.  Jonathon was ready to
> advocate for himself and was ready to answer all her questions about why
> thought the pump was for him.  The first thing the endo asked us was if we
> had finished reading all the information she had given us and if I was
> comfortable with that information.  I told her yes and then some.  In fact
> felt sooo comfortable with what I've been learning (you guys are great
> teachers *grin*) that I told her I recognized when our general MD made
> ignorant statements about diabetes.  I think my jaw literally dropped when
> she told me I should stop being mean and nasty to the general MD's because
> they were not the experts.  (that's not what I meant and I feel like I
> failed miserably when I tried to explain what I meant.  Later we brought
> our interest in the pump.  First she told me that the pump would not solve
> all our problems and it was not all about insulin (I know this I told her
> Jeepers we keep a diet and exercise log and record times and all sorts of
> junk).  Trust me, I know it is not all about insulin and after listening
> some of your trials I know it is not going to be easy.   Then she told us
> that insurance companies won't pay for children to be on the pump.  AND I
> should stop trying to make my son grow up so fast.  I should stop trying
> make him become a man.  I tried to explain to her that Jonathon had
> initiated the process with my whole hearted approval and that he really
> wanted this but at that point with not a peep out of poor Jonathon (I
> he was intimidated) I gave up.  She didn't even ask us why we wanted to be
> on the pump.  I felt like a terrible person.  The problem I think is that
> don't feel like she listened to us.
> The good news is his A1c was 7.7 and over all we've had a pretty good
> months.  The bottom line is we're going to look for a new endo (we've
> already checked out the recommend list this site has AND we're going to
> Disetronic open house (in the twin cities metro are) to find out about
> insurance and if they have any endo's that they have had good experiences
> with.  I know it will happen just not when.
> Sorry this was kind of long but....Thanks for listening!!
> Bridget
> mom to Jonathon age 12, dx 10/23/99
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