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[IP] My first pump mini crisis

Well, we had 15 inches of unexpected snow today in Washington, D.C., so I guess I picked a good day to have my first pump mini crisis!  I started pumping 2 weeks ago (1/10), and have been doing well except for redness right underneath the tabs (I'm using the MM 508 and the micro softsets).  I called Minimed, and they said to put tape down before I used the softserter to help with the irritation.  I did that using the IV3000 tape, and it worked ok, but did not eliminate the redness (or itchiness).  They also sent me in the mail samples of other tapes to try.

So today when I changed sites I used the Tegederm tape underneath, then used the softserter to insert the softset.  That was at 4:30.  I bolused for dinner, and 2 hours later my blood sugar had risen from 205 to 423!!! (205 was high, but i bolused a little extra for that--due to inactivity because of the snow, no doubt). Stupid me, I figured the food I ate was richer than I thought, and I bolused another 5 to get it down.  Well, an hour and a half later, I was up to 456!!!  That;s when I decided to give 6 units via injection and change the site.  When I changed the site I noticed that the little tube never penetrated the Tegederm tape!  Looks as if it bent and broke instead.  So I was getting no insulin since the 4:30 site change...  Needless to say, I went back to the IV3000 tape.  This just happened, but I assume everything will be ok now.

Here's my question for you experienced pumpers:  the MM people told me to try the Tegederm tape--I assume they meant put it on my skin before I used the softserter (just the way I have used the IV3000), then use softserter, then tape over that with the tape they give me.  Does that not work?  Or is the tegederm tape too strong to be used that way? (or was it simply a defective softset?)

Second, what else can I do to prevent the redness and itching at the site using the softset micros?

I'd really appreciate some help here...just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, this happens (and of course I've been feeling run down since 4:30--an 8 hour period!).

Next time I'll probably change the set after the first 400+ reading, but for me it's still a major effort to do these changes...

Ah well.



P.S.  I'd appreciate a copy to my email (email @ redacted) as well as your normal post to the list, since I get the digest version of the list.  Thanks