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[IP] disappointing visit

Hi all,
I've been lurking around since shortly after my son Jonathon found this
group.  This place has been a GREAT source of information, support, and
blessed humor.  You're all an inspiration to us.  I spend the most time here
but Jonathon listens eagerly when I have something new or funny to share.
Jonathon has been doing a lot of research and has been educating himself
about the pump.  He really wants one.  His favorite so far is the
disetronic.  So, even though the past three months have been challenging we
were pretty excited about our visit to the endo.  Jonathon was ready to
advocate for himself and was ready to answer all her questions about why he
thought the pump was for him.  The first thing the endo asked us was if we
had finished reading all the information she had given us and if I was
comfortable with that information.  I told her yes and then some.  In fact I
felt sooo comfortable with what I've been learning (you guys are great
teachers *grin*) that I told her I recognized when our general MD made
ignorant statements about diabetes.  I think my jaw literally dropped when
she told me I should stop being mean and nasty to the general MD's because
they were not the experts.  (that's not what I meant and I feel like I
failed miserably when I tried to explain what I meant.  Later we brought up
our interest in the pump.  First she told me that the pump would not solve
all our problems and it was not all about insulin (I know this I told her 
Jeepers we keep a diet and exercise log and record times and all sorts of
junk).  Trust me, I know it is not all about insulin and after listening to
some of your trials I know it is not going to be easy.   Then she told us
that insurance companies won't pay for children to be on the pump.  AND I
should stop trying to make my son grow up so fast.  I should stop trying to
make him become a man.  I tried to explain to her that Jonathon had
initiated the process with my whole hearted approval and that he really
wanted this but at that point with not a peep out of poor Jonathon (I think
he was intimidated) I gave up.  She didn't even ask us why we wanted to be
on the pump.  I felt like a terrible person.  The problem I think is that I
don't feel like she listened to us.  

The good news is his A1c was 7.7 and over all we've had a pretty good three
months.  The bottom line is we're going to look for a new endo (we've
already checked out the recommend list this site has AND we're going to the
Disetronic open house (in the twin cities metro are) to find out about
insurance and if they have any endo's that they have had good experiences
with.  I know it will happen just not when.   

Sorry this was kind of long but....Thanks for listening!!

mom to Jonathon age 12, dx 10/23/99
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