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Re: [IP] Disetronic temp basals

>My son uses the Disetronic and I asked the same question.  Here is the
>explanation I got from the D rep:
>A temporary basal decrease is usually used for exercise, which normally
>wouldn't last more than 4 hours.
>A temporary basal increase is designed mainly for sick days when bg's tend
>to run higher, increasing insulin needs.  For this reason the temp increase
>lasts longer.
>My personal feeling is that even 2 hours of strenuous exercise effects my
>son's bg's for a lot more than 4 hours.  I see the logic, but think there
>should be more options to allow for the YMMV thing!

Your Rep can change this for you via a modem.  I had mine changed from 4 to 
12 hours.  I use it for "weekend" basels.


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