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[IP] Re: Denial

	Today I saw so much about denial that I just had to write.  When I was
diagnosed at age 12 (so many changes going on with my body -- just what I needed
was to have to learn to inject myself with insulin) I was okay for about 2 weeks
and then I went into complete denial.  I cried everytime I needed to take a
shot, telling my parents "I just can't do this; I should just live like people
did before all these technological and medical advances."  Well, this thinking
did not go over well with my parents.  I soon got over the this stage and now
I'm grateful that this is the disease I have.  I think to myself, "It could be a
lot worse."  And now that I have an insulin pump, things are great.  Sure there
are those days when you have highs for some unexplainable reason or your
insurance changes some policy and you don't find out about it until you go to
get insulin and they say your insurance doesn't cover it anymore (not what a
poor, starving college students needs, knowing that she doesn't have the $143 to
pay for a month and a half worth of insulin).  It's become a part of my life and
has taught me so many things.
	I would also like to thank all those who have posted on pregnancy.  As I will
be getting married in a little under two years, the suggestions and info have
been very helpful.
	One more comment (this is longer than I thought it would be): I have never
tried to hide my pump (or my diabetes, for that matter).  I love to tell people
about it and hear that wonderful question, "Why is there a tube coming out of
your pager?" Thanks for letting me ramble.

dxd 10/91
pumping since 8/98   

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