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[IP] vent update from Gianna

     Hi everyone . . .I figured I'd post an update and also send a big huge 
hug and thank you to everyone who responded to my first venting tirade . . 
.just reading people's replies made me feel ALOT better.
     Well, after I switched to regular and switched sites again, things 
still didn't improve at all - I ate dinner (30 carbs) and bolused for that 
plus extra to bring down the 204, and was 234 later . . .bolused 3 and woke 
up at 199.
    I also had awful leg cramps this morning, which is something that 
happened to me a lot right before I was dx'd.  Switched back to humalog 
injections again at this point, but still didn't have any new insulin, plus 
I was starving so I *HAD* to eat. I ended up injecting over 20 units over 
the course of the day to deal with only 70 grams of carbs, and that kept me 
level at around 200 mg/dl all day. I got home at 5:30 and tested at 199 
again, didn't do anything because I was about to change the insulin since I 
just got home from the pharmacy. It's a good thing I didn't do anything at 
that point, because in 45 minutes I dropped like a rock from 199 to 39.  
ugh!!!   talk about feeling awful. Suddenly it was as if all the extra 
insulin I'd taken over the last day suddenly decided to work.  fortunately 
this was right before dinner, so I was OK.  I have a new site in my hip now, 
and new insulin, and my last test was 92, so I have my fingers crossed. 
Looking back at my logs I've been high since last Thursday so hopefully I'm 
OK now.
     I realize that everyone has days like this and it is a part of having 
D, I know I have to do the work to figure out the problems and fix them and 
all of that;  I am still comparatively new at all of this and sometimes it 
gets a bit scary.
      Btw, for all of you who suggested that perhaps I was coming out of a 
honeymoon period, I am 99.9 percent sure that this is not the case.  I had a 
c-peptide test 3 months ago that came back at virtually zero.
     Thanks to all of you and hope you're all having a wonderful day.
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