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Re: [IP] vent vent vent AHHH!!!

>     I'm with ya, I'm with ya!  THanks for writing me back.  Now, starting
>yesterday, I'm low instead of high- barely get it up after 48 hours of not
>being able to get it DOWN!?!!!  Gaawd, I think my Diabetes-monster got 
>on the Matterhorn rollercoaster!

   Brian . . .ugh.  it seems like tons of people are having really strange 
bgs this last week . . .i wonder if pumpers are collectively affected by 
phases of the moon or something *grin* how are you doing? I am better 
(fingers crossed) although I crashed from 199 to 39 in less than an hour 
tonight.  last test was 92 though, so I remain hopeful :)  The matterhorn is 
a great rollercoaster, I gotta say, but not for bgs :)  sometimes I think 
rollercoaster bgs would be better compared to space mountain - it has the 
added feature of leaving you in total darkness with no clue what is going on 
. . .hehe.  Anyway,
no I haven't heard from Carleton yet, they torture us until april 1 for all 
my schools (how cruel - april fools day) liberal is good. better than 
conservative. ick. anyway, hope your rollercoaster ride ends soon :) 
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