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[IP] Insulin Pumping Book & Master Endo

Endo is a Master - due to the following:
Kap eats cereals, muffins and/or juice and keeps good range - no spiking!
Kap hasn't had lows during the night!  - 68 bgs -1 time @ 2:00 but she like 
this # - because she said "@ 2:00am was about the lowest a person would go - 
after that - the body starts on a rise in bgs if it has been 3 hrs since last 
bolus of humalog".  Insulin Pumpers books states this fact as well.
Kap played in snow most of day - no lows or highs.
Different meter readings woes:- set pricker to a deeper depth to get more of 
a flow of blood.
Kap was running high at lunch 191, 212, 234 range- at first - she kept 
increasing the 8am-noon basel - but it didnt work - then she went to the 
1-3am basel and it has worked  for 3 days - 80 -120 range at lunch now.
I didnt considered those #s highs -since we were used to 300-500s pre-pump.
Pumping Insulin is changing our world.  
BTW - I used Pumping Insulin BooK to follow the reason why Kap's Endo was 
doing what she was doing w/ basel rates.  
Kap''s basel rates are set for .8 - midnight - noon and .7 - noon to 
midnight.  I thought this rate was high for a child.  But it is working!

Side Note: After Lunch today - He figured out what to bolus - I agreed - but 
he wanted to go outside again - so HE lowered his bolus so he wouldnt need 
extra food for snow boarding!  He figured this out!  He is Living, Learning 
and Pumping!

Proud Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping

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