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[IP] venting and fasttake meter

hi all,
with all these venting stories going around, had to
share my yesterday ... woke up at 47 (great start to
the day, huh!) then ran kinda low all morning ... then
after lunch (curry rice) was 283!! argh. so bolused to
come down ... boy, did i come down ... riding my bike
home from school felt hellish, really really low; at 5
glucose tabs (you know when you know 2 is enough, but
your body is like, NO you're still low!!! eat eat
eat!!), tried to check my sugar but the meter was too
cold.  when i got home i was only 108 (after 5 glucose
tabs?! maybe it's good the meter wasn't working!!). 
was ok after dinner, changed my site ... and woke up
this morning (half an hour late ... whoops!) with a
288.  changed site, didn't have time for breakfast. 
(despite all these problems, i still managed to
appreciate how nice it was that i COULD skip breakfast
because i was running late; thank you minimed!).  ugh.
so hopefully i'll stabilize today.
the other thing is that i'm in japan - which is
great!!! but, nothing really has carb labels, so i'm
left guessing.  i need to motivate on a basal check,
anyway, i'm glad to be reading all your stories and
know i'm not the only one! nathalie - i remember
reading that you said it'd be bad if the D monster got
too complacent on you ... i'd be perfectly happy if it
started hibernating!!! 

so my questions - does anybody have a suggestion for
how to keep the fasttake warm? it's become sort of a
problem, because there is also no central heating
here, so a lot of the time the rooms are very cold.  
thanks and good luck -
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