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[IP] Vent vent vent AHHH!!!...at myself!

>    I'm with ya, I'm with ya!  THanks for writing me back.  Now, starting
>yesterday, I'm low instead of high- barely get it up after 48 hours of not
>being able to get it DOWN!?!!!  Gaawd, I think my Diabetes-monster got
>on the Matterhorn rollercoaster!

Fellow RC Riders,

I guess since the past few days have been pretty bizarre number-wise for
many, & mine were fairly good, I must have subconsciously felt left out,
because yesterday I put MYSELF on an ugly rollercoaster ride.  No D Monster,
no Pump Faery... no one to blame but the operator of the machinery herself!
I went a low (50) around 11 am, I think due to that hormonal shift that
comes with my period.  Ate 3 glucose tabs, & kept on going (teaching 2nd
graders...no real option there) - 12 I was only at 67, so I figured I'd
better eat first & bolus after.  Well, with the 101 things that had to be
done during that lunchtime, I completely forgot to bolus at all.  Had a
really hectic afternoon, & it wasn't until 4:00 that it occurred to me that
I hadn't done it.  Checked BG - 560...Bleah!!!  Bolused 10 units (usually 1
will bring me down 50 pts., but when higher it takes more), came home.  At
5:00 I was only down to 475...now here's where I probably should have said
"Okay, give those 10 units longer to work."  But no, I figured if I got very
little drop in the space of an hour, another bolus was in order...so I added
6 more units & went to bed, feeling as though a truck had hit me.  Woke up
at 8pm, knowing I was low.  (I'm one of those people who wakes up when
low...although usually before it gets THIS low)  I was 25.  Had orange juice
& cookies, then a glass of milk.  Husband then made me dinner, & I got up
this morning with good numbers, but a blazing headache that I think is from
the "rollercoaster hangover".

I'm hoping no one else out there does this to themself...I think it's one of
those "lessons you can learn no other way".  My advice is, if you are going
to delay bolusing until after you eat, or take any other deviation from your
usual routine, TELL SOMEONE!  Had I thought of it (didn't really seem
important at the time), I could have very easily said something to any of
the five people sitting at the table with me, all of whom are familiar with
me pumping...if I had, chances are someone would have reminded me before the
period was over.  "Dumb Diabetic Syndrome" struck with a vengeance!!

Glad to be at 130 right now!  :)


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