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Re: [IP] hiding pumI

Hi '
Well, here is my coment on hiding the pump.  Never have felt it was 
necessary.  Never have been in denial,  ashamed to be a diabetic or tell that 
I am.  I wear my pump proudly.  I teach and I have had diabetes thirty five 
years and have taught the same.  All of my peers are aware of my condition, 
all of my students are aware and as an educator I never miss a chance to 
educate on diabetes and the pump.  I talk to the science classes each year 
and show my pump and how I test the whole ballgame.  The kids are great.  
only one has ask me if  I was going to die from diabetes, and I said I 
probably would but not yet and everybody in the room is going to die we just 
don't know when.  
When i'm out and kids say why does a teacher have to wear a beeper (THE PUMP) 
I respond by saying because on the weekends I do brain surgey.  They , I 
laugh and i begin my education on diabetes and the use of the pump.
I would much rather have diabetes than cancer and a lot of other stuff out 
there that people have to deal with everyday.  I guess I'm just one of the 
lucky ones, for being
 given a good atitude with such a deadly disease.
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