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Re: [IP] Temporary Increase/Decrease Basal Rate

The Disetronic H-TronPlus V100 is "factory programmed" for a temporary 
basal decrease maximum of 4 hours' duration and a temporary basal increase 
maximum of 12 hours' duration. This *can* be changed.

I recently had my pump(s) changed to allow a temporary decrease maximum of 
12 hours' duration. This is very useful for me during the winter, when I'm 
active in sports. It's almost like having a second basal "profile" with the 

If your doctor has the Disetronic modem, the pump can be reprogrammed in 
the doc's office by D Tech Support. Otherwise, send one of the pumps back, 
have it changed, then send the other back when the first is returned - or 
keep it with the factory defaults - you'll have two pumps with "different 
personalities" :-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

At 07:33 PM 1/25/00 -0500, email @ redacted wrote:

>Anyone know why the Disetronic is programmed so that a temp. increase in
>basals lasts 12 hours, but a temp DEcrease only lasts 4?  Can this be

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