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[IP] Re: the D and pregnancy

I agree with the others...I think there is something other than
the diabetes causing the miscarriages.
You say you are having thyroid problems...the thyroid does affect
fertility and the ability to maintain a pregnancy. I have a
friend who, until they started treatment for hypothyroid,
repeatedly miscarried (at least 10 times - I've lost count now)
and one was 17wks along. For years though, they would tell her
that her thyroid levels were in the normal range (but they
neglected to tell her that she was BARELY in the normal range -
she was at the very tail end of normal. She was having symptoms
of hypothyroid so that level was apparently not enough for *her*.
She persisted and they finally started treating her for it.) She
has lupus also (which she also is being treated for, of course)
but was still miscarrying until they corrected the hypothyroid
condition with medication. She is currently due with her 6th and
last child (had a set of twins 4yrs ago <G>) and she thought she
would never see this day.
I hope your dr will look past the diabetes to find out what else
might be going on. There are several things that it could be!
Best wishes to you!

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
"Cultivate peace at home." Petalesharo, Pawnee (Indian)
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