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[IP] DM, pregnancy, miscarriages-keep trying!- Long

Great post about pregnancy and diabetes Barbara B., you are so right.
I hope that your new little grandson is doing O.K..
Dawn and others, just thought I would share my experience with DM, pregnancy 
and miscarriages. I am not posting this to be discouraging but to be 
I have had 11 pregnancies, 4 were successful and 7 ended in miscarriages. My 
first pregnancy, 18 yrs. ago, was successful and I had a healthy 7lb.9oz. 
girl. My next pregnancy ended at 9 weeks and sugars probably were not that 
great as it was not a planned pregnancy. The next 3 were planned, sugars 
good and ended during the first trimester. I went on the pump for 6 months 
to improve bgs and to prepare for next attempt. The next pregnancy (6th) 
threatened to miscarry and for the first trimester I basically stayed in 
bed, after 14 weeks things improved and I went on to deliver a baby boy by 
C-section as he was big and breach. Then two more miscarriages in first 
trimester. At this point I went into a study for women with recurrent 
miscarriages and they discovered that my autoimmune system is out of wack 
(which also probably contributed to my developing D) and that my body was 
treating the pregnancies as something foreign and to be destroyed. Yikes! 
They put me on one baby aspirin a day when I got pregnant for 9th time...it 
gave a whole new meaning to baby aspirin!!
I laid low for the first trimester (I threatened to miscarry again!) and 
then the remainder of time I had a great pregnancy and had a vag. delivery 
of a healthy and smaller baby boy. Next pregnancy miscarried.
Last pregnancy (11th) a surprise went absolutely great through some very 
trying experiences (my dad died from cancer and marriage became very rocky). 
I delivered a 6lb.10oz. girl, my best pregnancy by far.
Other than my second and last pregnancies I was well controlled as I had 
planned ahead. After getting pregnant last time I got things under control 
as quickly as I could.
What physical things were at play that prevented and enabled me to have a 
successful pregnancy no one will ever know. As long as I was able to 
physically and emotionally handle being pregnant, I just kept trying. I 
nursed all my babies and they are all healthy active kids.
Dawn...I encourage you to keep trying and just do your very best to keep 
your bgs in good control which I know is much easier with the pump. (I won't 
go into detail now, but I had problems with infusion sets 14 yrs. ago and 
could not continue pumping past the 6 months at that time). All my pregs. 
were on MDI. I have been pumping 8 weeks now and am amazed at the improved 
control. Dawn...GO FOR IT!!!

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