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[IP] unplanned pregnancies - long, sorry

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] pregnancy & diabetes
> In response to all the pregnancy notes.  I have two kids ages 6 and 7.
> Both of my pregnancy were not planned.

We have had *old schooler* memories here before. Can I inject (pardon the
pun) my *Old School* pregnancy stories? (Thank you to those who said yes.
For those who said "No," just hit Delete.)
    In 1960 when we married (I had DM 10 years then) dr. said he'd hate to
see me get pg right away so slipped me an unlawful book about birth control
for $1.00!! Well, we waited 5 weeks for my first conception. This was in the
one-shot-a-day of NPH/Regular routine. AND, Clinitests.  We had no HbA1c's,
actually no nuthin's. They figured my insulin requirements were increasing
so I was put on DBI, the (I believe first) oral blood-sugar lowering
medication. The thought was that extra insulin would harm the baby. (I
continued taking DBI in conjunction with shots for the next 16 years. It
was removed from the market -- bad stuff). I was nauseated the entire
pregnancy; hospitalized four days for excessive water retention, and entered
hospital WITH my anti-nausea pills to have induced labor 17 days early. PTL
I did NOT take Thalidomide then!!!!!
    I delivered a 10# girl who had a mild case of Hyaline Membrane
Disease -- that's what Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died from. She is a healthy
adult, married with 3 children now.
    Ten months and 14 days later (gulp) -- yes, 45 weeks -- I gave birth to
a 7# 12 oz. boy who had severe Hyaline Membrane Disease. I cried the entire
pregnancy (wanted more kids but not THEN), no BG control methods and I slept
a lot. My first baby slept a lot and ate very little; she lost 2# after
birth. I have NO idea what my HbA1c would have been then; I was completely
unprepared for all this. He is a healthy adult now, too.
    I almost had a nervous breakdown being overwhelmed. I told someone a
couple of years ago that having them that close together was too much, and
besides, I was a diabetic. She said, "What does that have to do with
anything?" Thank you, Jan, for reposting that depression article. That was
what I needed when my friend said that. I'm going to save it for others I
come across.
    Oh, how I wish I had had a pump back in those *olden* days. I believe
things could have been so different.  The saddest words of tongue or pen,
are these four words: What might have been.
    I wrote the *short* version of my pg's. ;)
    Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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