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Re:[IP] Give Juice, Let Sleep or Bolus

<From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Give Juice, Let Sleep or Bolus>

First I would call the meter manufacturer, and get a
replacement meter ASAP.You may want to check with
another pkg of strips, or check the meter with the
control solution. 

Secondly, do you have a back up meter? We have several
meters (acquired over several yrs) and if we have
discrepancies as you describe, we check on a couple of
different meters. We have had a couple times when he
felt high, tested low, etc... No way to really
determine what to do without another meter to
re-check. Of course there is always some differences
with meters, but at least you know what ball park
you're in, The Low Need Juice Now Park, The High
Needing Insulin Immediately Park, or the ever
desirable, All Is Well Everyone Can Sleep Comfortably
For More Than an Hour Park.... Hope this gets
corrected soon for you, 21 strips a day is a little

Rae, Ryan's mom

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