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Re: Subject: [IP] bolus at school and rebecca

Re: kids and bolusing at school... Ryan had diabetes
and was on MDI for over 6 yrs prior to being on the
pump. At age 11, in 6th grade, we had been carb
counting for a few years, so he had some practice at
it. Just prior to starting on the pump, we added a
lunch time injection(using an insulin pen). At first,
I wrote the carb/insulin amount on each item in his
lunch. After he had recess & lunch, he would go to the
office, call me on the phone, we'd quickly access
together the following: What was Bg before lunch? What
did you do at recess? (Play soccer or sit in the
library & read), Did you have gym class today? What
did you eat for lunch? Then I would ask him how much
insulin he figured he should take. If I figured it
differently, we'd talk about it so he would
understand, agree on how much insulin to take, then
he'd be back off to class. This process took maybe 3-5
minutes. It worked very well for us. I couldn't wait
until 4pm to find out if he had made a "mistake" at
lunch, and he didn't have to put up with mom coming to
school every day. 

We continued this lunch procedure after starting on
the pump during the end of last school year. Over the
summer, he figured most of his own boluses,
corrections, etc. (of course I double check) Now, in
Jr.High, he figures his own boluses at school, still
calls me occasionally to check something if he feels
he needs to. After school we have a quick accessment
of "how was your day". This includes BG, activity,
etc, as well as the "normal" school stuff. I try to
balance keeping a close handle on what's going on with
not smothering him. At age 12, at least with this kid,
he's not ready to be totally on his own w/ management
of D. (Some kids probably need more input than
others)This is how we handle the "school thing", works
for us...
good luck.

Rae, mom of Ryan (age 12, dx 5yrs, pumping since 3/99)

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