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Re: [IP] "carb cards" - kids in school

In a message dated 1/25/00 12:05:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 so you would start with 1 carb  X  bolus
This is what I created for Kap - 1st part was to lower a high bgs 
1 unit for 150-200
2 units for 200-250
Part 2
For lunchs and snack carried to school I created a list -
 the snack/carb count/ bolus # needed
He keeps it at school in a  reference book and has access to it in the future 
if he every has question. I went a step further for Kap - since he sometimes 
doesnt eat the whole sandwich or fruit -  I created a bolus for 1/2 the food 
item as well.  

Kap also likes to eat school lunches.
So I used the schools Calendar Lunch and created a Calendar Lunch w/ Carbs 
and Bolus needed for each item.  It is posted in the caferteria.

Kap has learned really quickly to bolus with more confidence.  But he has 
been counting carbs since being dxd.  Now he applies what he knows.  
He does a bolus for each item he eats.  3 items ate - he has 3 boluses.  Not 
a total bolus. With time he will do a total bolus, but he says - it helps him 
to do a bolus for each food. and I think it helps him w/ remembering the food 
item and its carbs.
Counting Carbs - under the snow in NC.
Will not worry about SCHOOL this week.
Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping

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