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[IP] cold feet and hands/headaches

I am a avid cross country skier and I have increasing problems with cold
hands and feet which is no end of a nuisance.  I am sure it is related to
poor circulation.  I use wool mitts inside a Gortex outer layer and I carry
a spare pair so that I can change them as your hands tend to sweat, even
when they are cold, and the mitts then get wet and then make you colder.
You may not think that they are damp but they are though it is not obvious.
I also 'windmill' my hands occasionally over my head to pump warm blood
back to them.  My favourite cure is to put them on the tummy of my warm,
loving and very supportive husband but you have to have a very special
relationship to get away with that!  Be careful of the chemical heat packs
as they may burn your hands and make matters worse in the long run.  I use
two pairs of socks-1 pair made of special fabric that wicks away sweat and
one pair of wool. I have asked my doctor about this cold problem but there
really is no cure other than to control your blood sugar as much as
possbile. For some reason my right thumb and right big toe seem to get the
In regard to the person who had headaches I used to get terrific neuralgia
when my blood sugars swung up and down.  I understand it is high glucose
levels affecting the facial nerves.  The pain used to move around so I was
never really sure if it was a headache or a toothache which I gather is
common with neuralgia.  Again the 'cure' is to tightly control blood
glucose especially the wide swings and the pump has really helped me with
that.  I only ocasionally get really wide swings now and have only had one
episode since pumping which followed a high blood sugar caused by an
infection.  When the pain was very bad I found an icepack held against the
place where it hurt to be better than painkillers and sometimes an electric
massager held at the base of the neck or where the pain was helped a
little.  The icepack was the best though.  I hope this helps as I know how
awful the pain can be and it was the final straw that drove me to try the

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