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Re: [IP] to rebecca hobbs

> my name is yvonne and i will be currently getting the pump for my
> daughter eileen who is 12 yrs old. i have a lot of questions,
> though. when your children bolus at school, how do they know what
> amount to bolus. do you calculate it for them beforehand, or what?

My daughter began pumping a 11 1/2, she is now 16. The first couple 
of months were the most difficult as she was not fully accustomed to 
carb counting although she fully understood how it worked, her math 
skills were not up to the more difficult task of estimating unused 
insulin, etc... The bolus part was easy. Kids this age adapted 
quickly and can handle the routine bolus calculations.

> were they ever on regular injections when they were diagnosed? i
Yes, regular injections for 6 months

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