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[IP] bolus at school and rebecca


I pack geneva's  lunch and I write on each item what the bolus is .

geneva boluses some foods herself, as she has learned to memorize certain
items that she has daily, like milk.   she keeps a carb counting booklet and
a small calculator in her bookbag in case there is something that she eats
that someone brings in, or if she stops at someone's house on the way home
from school to play / eat!  we were using little homemade cards from
Microsoft Word' that someone on this list posted about.  it has all the
carbs from 1 - 100 and what the boluses are.  we had three of them, one for
each meal.  but, her carb ratio changed during the holidays and so we are
back to doing the calculations ourselves.  these little cards were very
handy.  the size of a baseball card and we had them laminated so they could
go in a wallet,  lunch box, etc.

mom to a 5th grader who was on shots before pump.

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