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Re: [IP] pregnancy & diabetes

In response to all the pregnancy notes.  I have two kids ages 6 and 7.  Both 
of my pregnancy were not planned.  When I got pregnant with my 7 yr. old my 
A1C was 11.8 and I was told to abort.  After going through ever test in the 
book for the baby I decided to keep the baby.  All the baby's test were 
negative.  After I was pregnant I got my A1C's down to below 6 the whole 
pregnancy.  I was not on the pump.  I delivered at 38 weeks with a  vaginally 
delivery to a healthy a 7lb 13oz little boy.  He never saw an NICU and we 
went home the next morning because everything went so smooth.  From that 
point out I have been under tight control.  My second pregnancy went very 
well too.  I never felt better.  It is a ton of work to keep up with the 
insulin requirements, but it is all worth it.  The last thing my OB/GYN told 
me was that my seven year old could have learning disabilities?  He is now 
very gifted and school comes so easily to him.  Both my kids are are doing 
great.  I think diabetics can do whatever they believe they can do.  Good 
Luck to anyone that is thinking about starting a family.
35 yrs old
pumping 3 months
diabetic 24 yrs
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