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[IP] Give Juice, Let Sleep or Bolus

It is taking on average 3 test to confirm or deny results of meter.
Kap uses the Bayer Elite.
And, Yes there was enough Blood - it filled the strip.
Meter readings last night were 38, 78, 112, 100
Clean Dry Hands.

Being able to trust the meter is the first step in controlling Diabetes. 

If this was happening - once in a blue moon - Then there wouldn't be any 
However, 3 test - 7 times a day = 21 test strips per day.
I have done a control test on meter - it was within range.  Now can I count 
of the control test.  

He perspires at night (low, high or within range) - and I have gotten  500 + 
to 30s within minutes of testing.  Could the perspiration cause a false bgs 
reading.  I do use a cloth to wash off his hands before testing and dry them 

So I am currently doing 3 test and making decisions on the 2 that are the 
closest.  Sounds to much like a guessing game.

Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping
Not sure if I should give juice, let sleep/play or bolus.  
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