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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and Diabetes

Sorry to hear about your losses. I lost my first baby at about 13 weeks and 
it was because of uncontrolled sugars. I feel completely blessed to have had 
4 healthy children after tha experience. I have a friend who has Grave's 
Disease(not Diabetic) and she  lost her daughter at 22 weeks gestation. Her 
thyroid problems weren't dx'd until after she lost the baby. Has your doctor 
said anything about the possibility of your losses being caused by thyroid 
trouble? I ask because my friend wasn't given any reason why her daughter 
died and she always wonders if it was the Grave's Disease that caused the 
baby to pass. Good luck if you decide to adopt. I know some states are very 
open about allowing a Diabetic to adopt, but here in Florida, they won't give 
a healthy infant to anyone with a chronic illness. We were told after my 
miscarriage in 91 that I would never carry a baby to term because of the 
shape of my uterus(Proved them wrong!) so we checked into adoption. I was 
shattered when I found out that just because of my Diabetes I couldn't get a 
baby. Like I said though, this is just in Florida, I know other states are 
different. God bless and good luck to you : )


 Ami in FL
dx'd at age 9
MM 507C since 1/99
last A1c- 7.0
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