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[IP] Minimed pump error and MDI

Hi to all,

I am at wits end here, My 507 pump had a no delivery
error on Sunday Morning and after changing sets 3
times, with cycling the syringes and rotating sites
the alarm was still present.  I subsequently called
minimed for some direction and they are going to
replace the pump.  The pump would say no delivery even
when disconnected from the quick release.

Anyway the pump should be coming this morning,
but in the mean time it has been so long since i have
needed to do MDI that i even forgot my dosages.   And
seeing I am new to the area I am living, I have a new
endo, so...  I have used the sliding scale every four
hour.  Very unsucessfully I might add
Not a lood sugar under 300 yesterday and last night
when I woke up at 4 am it was 423. Luckily no ketones
are being spilled. ahhhh, I usually have 120-130' most
of the time.

Thank goodness the pump is coming today, so i can get
these blood sugars regulated.

Well, thanks for listening to me, If any suggestions
as to MDI dosages are figured out (hopefully I will
never need it again)  please tell me.

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