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Re: [IP] Just My Experience

Bonnie, I would first suspect the pump or insulin before the sites.  Here's
something to try next time.  Just take a 1/3 cc short needle insuling
syringe and inject your bolus.   Inject it where you think the site is bad.
I bet you'll see  lowering of your BG

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Now that I have learned about those long delayed highs
with fatty foods,
and with chinese food etc., I am starting to have some tough site problems.
 There are only a few places left on my abdomen that seem to work.  Last
Sunday I woke to 71, no problem, just put in suspend while I walked the
dog, ate a glutab on the way out.  Then ate yogurt and bran (1 tbs) as
usual.  At mid morning I was 297, said what the H@## and bolused 8 units.
  About 30 min later was 301, changed sites, bolused 10 (thinking, I am
gonna get it down this time!).    Looked one hour later and was 327,
bolused 10 again.   ( I have learned not to change sites until two tries).
 However 45 minutes later I was 350.  All this from 1 cup yogurt, no way.
 So, changed sites again, bolused 12.   One hour later was 195.  And by
1:00 PM, was 125.   BUT the expense of 3 site changes really gets to me
sometime.  Today I used my upper rear for the second time.  Seems ok.

Question #1, where does all that insulin go?    Question # 2, approximately
how long does it take an area to become restored to a usable site?
Bonnie >>>>>>>>>>>>>

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