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[IP] RE: Dawn and pregnancy (long story)

...and for anyone else interested..

women without diabetes might also have problems with pregnancy. (I am  new 
grandma of a 6 week premature boy.) There are multiple reasons for premature 
births and miscarriages. One successful case I worked with was a young lady 
who miscarried who had lost her baby. She was still mourning when the endo 
introduced her to see me. We talked about the loss, she and hubby vented 
their anger, frustration, and their hopes. I'll call her Ruth (not her real 
Ruth's endo tried to persuade her to get a pump a few years earlier. She did 
not want one. He tried to get her to MDI and she reluctantly agreed. She 
wasn't married at that point.
When she did marry, she still did not want a pump, because she was satisfied 
with her BG control. When she did become pregnant, the pregnancy hormones 
created a lack of control, and by the time she realized she was pregnant, the 
damage was already in place, and she miscarried. She was not happy, when the 
endo and I informed her that she would need to have at least 3 months of 
tight control before she even considered conceiving. She cried, and hubby was 
angry. Her motivation for the pump was to be able to carry to term. She was 
sure she would go off pump after the baby was born. Well, 6 months later, she 
was pregnant. The endo and the obstetrician worked together as a TEAM to 
maintain the BG control needed. The baby is a healthy boy, and Ruth refuses 
to give up her pump. So, take heart. Get a good TEAM to work with you. Once 
all other potential problems (ie, your thyroid disfunction, for one) have 
been identified and remedied, and once you have reasonably good control with 
your pump, you should get an OK to get pregnant. Be prepared for many basal 
adjustments, a few dietary restrictions, and lots of BG tests. The BG goals 
during pregnancy are lower, so they won't want any to be over 130-140 at 1 
hour after eating. After delivery, BG goals and needs will change. Write down 
your pre-pregnancy basal rates, as you may need those shortly after delivery.
Blessings to you, and I am sure you are in all our thoughts.
Barbara B.
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