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[IP] RE: the D and pregnancy...rantin' and ravin' as well...

Well, I thank all of you for your kind words...but I have always bounced
back to take on another challenge or two! :)  As I said, I don't know if its
in the cards for us or not, but I think there's a much better chance for us
with the pump....and I also have to agree with the earlier post that there
is an underlying factor the OB didn't catch or care to look at. I am having
significant thyroid problems right now....had a nuclear imaging scan done
late last week, and am hoping to hear from my doctor soon about what is
going on with it -  he did say that its something my endo will be able to
help me out with as well; and that it's probably something that's been in
the background for the last 3 or 4 years - AND that it can cause problems
with miscarriage, etc.  during pregnancy.  It does take some weight off of
my shoulders just knowing that it was most likely not my fault - that I did
the best I could at the time, and that was all I could do.

On the Steel Magnolias thought - arrrrggghhhhh!!!!   I can't count how many
times that movie was mentioned after the miscarriages - or how many times
that movie is still being mentioned (let's just suffice it to say I have an
overbearing mother with Type 2 who was convinced the minute she saw the
flick that I 'just won't have any luck.  You'll end up dead just like Julia
Roberts.....and I don't want to see that....').  We've had a talk or two
about that, believe you me!  ;)   I don't think I'm the norm either - I know
many women with diabetes who have gone on to have normal pregnancies and
deliveries....so I don't want my experience to scare anyone out there.  I
think a lot of it had to do with uncaring, unwilling providers.  One example
of what we dealt with was:  'Oh, you're insulin dependent?  I just don't
think we want to take THAT one on.'  Uh, okay.....thanks.  ;)  I feel very
lucky thus far with my family doc, endo, and CDE - they all seem like
AWESOME people who really listen -  I can get in contact with them most of
the time - that's really important to me.  And I'm sure that since I've
found such a great support system, that if the time comes I'm sure they can
recommend an equally AWESOME OB/GYN. This group has been an excellent source
of info and support thus far....thank you all for that!  On a side note, I'd
like to add that I've been keeping a lot of the more 'informational' type
messages in a special 'pumping soon - info' folder - just in case......:)
I'm sure hubby and I will need it!  lol

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