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Re: [IP] pregnancy & diabetes

Hi all,
    Not to be the voice of decension, but...  I have a different perspective
on "Steel Magnolias."  Remeber, the movie is older now, and we have A LOT of
newer techniques to deal/treat our disease.  Regarding pregnancy, I am more
than happy to hear that many of you women have had good pregnancy
experiences with Diabetes!!  But I don't think it makes the movie false
because I have known real-life stories of women who have INDEED had many
pregnancy complications!  Movies are sometimes not always technically
accurate anyway, but I felt watching it that at least it helped show people
sensitivity to our disease, despite possible inaccuracies.  By and large, I
know in sharing with my own friends that the movie helped relate some of the
struggles of Diabetes to my friends.  Fortunately, pregnancy is much less of
a risk for Diabetics today and I wish you all goodluck!  I just think we can
still value a movie that exemplifies the experience of one woman struggling
with Diabetes in the south over a decade ago!
Take care,
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