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[IP] Tender Site Life Short - Considering Velosulin/Humalog Mix

Dear Andrea,

My daughter Valerie has been using her MM pump now for about a year and
a half.  She started out with Humalog only in the Tender and we switched
to the Silhouette mostly becuse the Tender would kink in her stomach.
Either set would only last 2-3 days before diffusion would fail.  We
have been mixing H/V at 3:1 for the last several months.  Results were a
little better, we can get three days but no more.  Humalog is not a
buffered insulin, Velosulin is, hence one explanation for why mixing is
helpful.  We have just switched over to V only.  The first night I was
up every two hours feeding Val with no insulin to cover and she never
got above 50! I really expect that to be one of those nights there are
never any explanations for.  So we won't know for a while if removing H
altogether prolongs the site.

Take Care,

Keith Crist

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