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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and Diabetes

Ah, Daniela!!!  First of all, I wish you the best of luck when you decide to go for it! 
Second of all, I'm going to be the person giving out some bad news to you (I guess the 'bad side' if you will!).  But remember that what is most important is how you feel and your doc feels about you going ahead with it - if you've got support, and are under good control, things can be just fine. 
I have been pregnant four times - and miscarried all four.  The first one miscarried at four months, the second at two, the third at two, and the fourth we had to have surgically removed (basically an abortion) because is wasn't developing correctly.  There were a number of problems because of the big D - I had an EXTREMELY hard time keeping my sugars in line, and of course couldn't get support from any medical staff to get on a pump (didn't matter who I saw - they all seemed very unhappy to be taking care of a Type 1 pregnancy - and refused to work with anyone wanting to get on a pump whether I was pregnant or not).  My OB(s) all stated it was due to uncontrolled diabetes, but believe me I tried like H*$$ to keep them in line.  Not more than a 160 for highest reading, 80 for lowest - so it didn't seem to me that I was doing a bad job......sigh.  Needless to say those losses were very hard on us, as we both want kids terribly. 
HOWEVER....on the bright side - now that we are going to try and get my thyroid problems solved, and I'm getting on a pump, my endo thinks we can go ahead and try as long as we keep things under strict control for a couple of months, and then go for it.  She is very supportive.....and we are very excited at having the option to try again.  Hubby and I have also had serious conversations about adoption, as hubby doesn't want me to get pregnant and have something happen to me - he said I'm the most important thing to him, and that's what matters most.  We'll see when the time comes.....But I hope things go well for you if/when you decide to go ahead!!!  
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Is there anyone out there who had pre-existing problems due to thier diabetes before getting pregnant?  How was your pregnancy? 
Or has anyone had any problems after getting pregnant?
I love hearing about all the wonderful outcomes, but before I make my decision I would like to hear both sides of the story.  I have high blood pressure, nephropathy and retinopathy, but since I have been on the pump my sugars are great.  My doctor said I would be able to get pregnant in the future.  I would love to hear from everyone. 
Thanks, Daniela