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[IP] Thyroid update and site

Hello my fellow pumpers, just an update as to the thyroid saga:
Talked to endo last Friday and he stated the following reason for my
surgery:  Last biopsy on 12/21 was with negative results, but the photos
were quite a bit different than 6 months previous.  With inconclusive
results one way or the other, he wants me to be safe and remove the left
side, as it has the biggest nodules on it. The surgeons will do a frozen
partition while I am under the kkkknnnnife and run lab tests immediately to
tell if cancerous.  If it isn't (my fingers are crossed here XX) then they
will  close me up and shut me up for two to three days!  :)  If it is
cancerous, then they will remove both lobes.
Here's where I need advice:  What do I do with my pump, my life support, my
all out saver?  I do NOT want to remove it during surgery, but what if I am
out for a longer than expected period of time, and I go low?  Or high?  My
hubby will be there, but he isn't real experienced yet at giving me a bolus
for a high.  I know there will be nurses etc there, but I am not sure how
well versed they are in pumping.  I am going to request that my CDE be there
if she can, to help.  I am nervous, can annnyone tellll?  hehe
Also, I have tried my butt/hip for a new site, and its working perfect,
except for one thing: all around the top of the tape, which I have used on
tummy, legs, ribcage once, and now hip area, I am all red and inflamed and
yukky.  But its just on the top portion of the tape, and its not my
underwear irritating it or anything.  I am not allergic to the tape any
where else on my body, could it be because this is a new area for my sites?
It itches like the dickens, so I put Neosporin on it, and am watching
closely.  I will remove it if I have to , but really don't want to.  Site
insert went perfect, no pain or anything, for any thinking of trying upper
rear/hip area!
Thanks for all the advice, and a special thanks to Leanne for all the
thyroid advice she has offered to me, its been a great help!
dx 4/68, pmpg 6/99 and loving it all
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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