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[IP] Speaking

> From: "Ian Tilly" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] In need of information.
> I now have to contend with almost 100 people who have CONFIRMED!!!
Apparently tickets
> will be sold at the door and a cash bar will be open for your
convenience.... I
> am wondering about royalties actually:) Kidding, but my request is simple.
> I have no desire to leave anything out that might be construed as
> and skip my mind in the giddy pulpitation that is me when I am speaking in
> front of an audience. If any one out there in Pumperland has something of
> importance that they feel MUST be discussed at any "Intro to Pumping"
> speech
> I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a quick letter and tell
> me. I have already formulated the majority outline of the talk but I just
> need your input as to anything you feel might have to be added.
> Ian
Ian and anyone else who may give a speech with fear and trepidation:

I was sent to a Lion's Club after DM of 38 years and pumping for five. I had
plenty of experience and knowledge about my topic: DM. But, as you know,
many people would rather die than give a speech. Personally, now I would
rather give a speech than die. A few people have even given me a stipend to
listen me. ;)  But when I took 45 min. to deliver my 20 min. speech for the
Lion's I knew I needed help. I even left out half of what I wanted to say.

Then I joined a Toastmasters Club (3/88) and got my act together. Astronauts
have joined this worldwide organization because they knew they would be
called upon to speak when they got back down to earth. There are clubs on
submarines and prisons. Check out www.toastmasters.org for a club near you.
Clubs are in 60 countries around the world.

And, Ian, I think you should seriously ask about royalties since they sold
tickets. YOU are the reason the tickets were sold. THEY are making the money
off of YOU. We have a humorist locally who receives $4,000 for one speech.
Some people make their livelihood from speaking. If they make money off of
you now and you don't, how can you do a repeat without doing it free next
time? You also want to do such a fine job that they WANT a repeat. We've all
heard speaker's whom we'd rather not hear again.

I have received DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) #6,888 out of over 2,000,000
members since 1924. Anyone with more Q's, contact me. DTM is the highest
educational ranking Toastmasters offers.

Good luck,

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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