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[IP] vent vent vent AHHH!!!

     Ok. sorry, had to get that out!! I am having a bad week . . .ok, only 
in the sense that it is one of those weeks when the D monster is not 
behaving well.  :( not sure why . . .I have tried just about everything!! 
I'm pretty much waiting to get sick because that's all that's left! *not so 
genuine grin*  Sigh . . .for the first two weeks of January things were ever 
so perfect - nice normal numbers and everything behaving . . .I wasn't very 
hungry during that time for some unknown reason, and I even ended up having 
to lower basals because I kept going low. Anyway, then last week I had a bad 
site - I was 238 two hours after breakfast and when I changed the site it 
started bleeding all over, but the new site seemed fine. Except I was 
running about 30 pts. higher than usual, not a big deal really, until 
yesterday morning, when I woke up at 172 (that hasn't happened FOREVER!!) I 
even brought back my old basals, in case that was the problem. I know I'm 
not getting my period, I thought everything was fine because I bolused a 
correction and was back to 114 by lunchtime, and 124 at dinner. Apparently I 
spoke too soon though, because after dinner I was 179! And then, I bolused 2 
units and two hours later I was 190!! As if that bolus had NO effect.  So, I 
bolused another 2 units and when I checked at 3 am I was 204!! I took an 
injection of 2.2 units and when I woke up at 5:30 I was 211!!!!  So, I took 
ANOTHER injection and my last test was 234!!! ugh! That's about 8.5 units 
with ZERO effectiveness, and almost zero carbs the entire day. Negative 
ketones throughout this whole ordeal. I just took a shot of regular about an 
hour ago so we'll see what happens, because I've changed sites and sets and 
everything . . .tried 2 injections didn't seem to help . . .I stopped using 
the humalog bottle for now but now I only have regular because the pharmacy 
won't have my refill until tomorow (I wasn't planning on having to stop 
using a nearly full bottle . . .)  Sigh.  I feel like crap, and I ended up 
taking my calculus and physics midterms with bg in the 200s
     :(  I have tomorow off because I don't have any more exams, but I was 
sort of hoping to enjoy it and go ice skating so I hope that it was just the 
insulin or something and I'm not getting sick . . .I'm going to try regular 
in my pump (which is working fine) for now (I sort of have to) until I get 
my new humalog tomorow. grr . . .this past week has been hellish!!  Oh, just 
tested a second ago and I'm down to 204 so maybe maybe MAYBE it was the 
insulin that was the problem and now the regular is starting to work . . .I 
Thanks for listening, all of you pumpers out there are serving as my 
collective therapist until mom gets home ;) . . .--Gianna
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