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[IP] Re: pregnancy and diabetes

Now this is wonderful (and VERY encouraging) to hear! I didn't
ask specifically about homebirth because honestly, I didn't think
it was a possibility due to the high risk status (most midwives
will screen you out for homebirth if you are high risk.) 
I have had some of my (7) babies at home (most recent one 10mos
ago was *awesome* - hubby caught the baby because the labor was
very fast - just under 50mins from 1st contraction - the midwife
didn't make it in time, arriving 30mins after the birth.) My
daughters always talk about how they are going to have their
babies at home too (and I, thinking it was not a possibility for
my daughter w/diabetes, didn't have the heart to tell her
otherwise.) But I guess if things are going well, anything IS
Thanks to everyone for all the replies about this, both public
and private. The notes have been very encouraging! 

Ami said:
Anything is possible! I inquired with my midwife to if she would
me to attempt a homebirth and she said, "SURE!" I would just need
a release 
from my Perinatologist : ) He would have no problem allowing me
to try to 
deliver at home, so who knows what the future holds? 

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
"Cultivate peace at home." Petalesharo, Pawnee (Indian)
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