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Re: [IP] pregnancy & diabetes

In a message dated 1/24/00 12:20:16 PM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< I would advise against a home delivery since the babies of diabetic women,
 even those under excellent control, sometimes need extra medical attention
 at birth.  I do tend to be a bit conservative on these issues, though.  Why
 work so hard for 9 months and then take any chances on the baby's health at
 birth? >>

I guess if I viewed it as a risk, I wouldn't consider it : ) Having had 
perfect pregnancies, and healthy babies, I wouldn't look at a homebirth as 
any more risky for myself than for a non-Diabetic. This of course is me 
referring only to myself. I would never suggest that anyone else attempt a 
homebirth without first consulting their physician : )

 Ami in FL
dx'd at age 9
MM 507C since 1/99
last A1c- 7.0
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