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Two thoughts.

1.  How big a town is Ashville?  And what is the size of their rural
population. I have lived in rural areas where medical help was quite
distant, and not everyone was well educated.  Lets not be so quick to blame
the mother.

Yes, I would have left and never returned to that office. In fact, I did -
in Hampton Roads, VA, when an endocrinologist told me he didn't believe in
treating diabetes with insulin.

My point is we do not have any facts, just a newspaper article.  (I was a
journalist, so I feel free ponder where the reporter got his information).
It is possible that the other was sent to that "doctor" and believed he was
an expert and should follow his instructions with out questions.  After all,
what did she know?

2.  Let's not get hung up and irritated about the word "shock".  As I've
moved around the country, I have heard many words used to describe a "coma".
Matter of fact, when I was growing up the standard term to use for a
diabetic unconsciousness was insulin shock.  The type of "shock" was either
an insulin reaction or an diabetic coma, but the word shock was used until
which problem you were dealing with was determined.  Remember the old -
treat for a reaction first and if that doesn't work transport to a hospital?
Thank heavens for meters and medical advancement.

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