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[IP] In need of information.

Dear Insulin Pumpers Digest readers,

I am in need of some expert help again. As those of you who have been
subject to my trivial ramblings before will know, I am one of the only
pumpers on my continent (Actually I just like saying that, it is true
though:) and I was asked some time last year to give a speech about pumping
to my local support group, 25 people I thought to myself.... no problem.
Thanks to the diabetes society actually advertising the speech I now have to
contend with almost 100 people who have CONFIRMED!!! Apparently tickets will
be sold at the door and a cash bar will be open for your convenience.... I
am wondering about royalties actually:) Kidding, but my request is simple. I
have no desire to leave anything out that might be construed as important
and skip my mind in the giddy pulpitation that is me when I am speaking in
front of an audience. If any one out there in Pumperland has something of
importance that they feel MUST be discussed at any "Intro to Pumping" speech
I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a quick letter and tell
me. I have already formulated the majority outline of the talk but I just
need your input as to anything you feel might have to be added.

If you could please email me at email @ redacted I would really appreciate

Thank you in advance

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