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Re: [IP] 56 BG in 16 mo baby

56 is not uncommon in "normal" aka non-diabetic people.  One of my friends
regularly tests (well, whenever I've tested her that is) between 45-65 -
this is her standard number.  She is not hypoglycemic or diabetic or
anything.  We feel "low" at much higher numbers because our body is so used
to being high ;)

My totally non-medical opinion,

<<<<<Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 23:06:36 -0500
From: Ginny Kloth <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] 56 BG in 16 mo baby

My grandson (16 mo old) is in the hospital. He became so dehydrated from
the flu that he was forming uric acid crystals. He was taken to hospital
this AM and his BGs were 56. His potassium is low. His sodium is low. He is
on IV with potassium,sodium and dextrose replacment. When I spoke to my
daughter I asked her to ask what his BGs were. At first she was told they
were " normal". I told her to get a copy of the tests to see for herself.
It was then
she found out they were 56. Can a flu like this bring on diabetes and are
low BGs common with dehydration in babies? I am a very concerned/worried
grandmother. Can you think of any othe questions my daughter and son-in law
need to ask thier doctor? I hope his kidneys were not damaged. I am
concerned about  his low BGs also.

Susan M. Fisher
University of North Carolina
Department of Computer Science
(919) 962-1771

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